Linn Majik Power Amplifier Silver


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The Majik range comprises the following models:
  2100 - 2 channels, 100 W
  3100 - 3 channels, 100 W
  4100 - 4 channels, 100 W
  5100 - 5 channels, 100 W
  6100 - 6 channels, 100 W

Developed from Linn’s latest Chakra power amplifier topology, Majik power amplifiers are ideal for use in stereo or multi-channel systems.

Chakra is a simple but highly innovative design perfected by Linn through precision engineering. It offers significantly increased power, reliability and efficiency, whilst at the same time producing less heat, less distortion and using fewer components.

Majik power amplifiers also feature Linn Dynamik Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) technology which generates stable, low noise power rails for the audio circuitry, with higher mains noise isolation and efficiency than bulky, noisy conventional power supplies.

To ensure a solid electrical contact between your power amplifier and loudspeakers, Majik power amplifiers use high quality 4mm binding post connections to eliminate any movement in the cable which could adversely affect audio performance.

Majik power amplifiers can be upgraded by the addition of internal Aktiv crossover cards. This makes it simple to improve the performance of your playback system by upgrading to an Aktiv configuration with Linn loudspeakers.
• Chakra Power Amplifier
• High-efficiency ultra-linear power amplifier technology


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